The Cow Pool

How does it work?

We work with local farms.

We gather small groups of guests interested in sharing. This means 4 people per half steer or 8 per full.

In a cow pool of 4 people, each person gets 40-50 lbs before added weight of bones. Each guest gets the same type of cuts (no special orders), according to the season.

During the summer, guests on the cow pool receive cuts of steaks and ground beef. In the winter months, cuts are focused on roasts and stews.

A cow pool of only two guests allows for more special orders.

All meat is given in sealed, air tight bags (ready for freezer), except for the bones, those cannot be cryo-bagged. Everything is labeled with the date of cutting and the name of the cut. Ground beef is packaged in 1lb bags for ease of future use.

You also receive a complimentary Avon Prime Meats freezer bag.

If you would like to be added to our Cow Pool, we request a $200 deposit to reserve your share.

Final payment is made at time of pick up, as it depends on final weight.

Benefits of eating grass fed beef are found in our local farms page. Customers that have participated in the cow pool have been greatly satisfied and keep on participating.

For more detailed information, please contact our Butcher, Tim Hester at or call the store 860-676-4444.