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Wide Variety of Exotic Meats Available

Bison, Venison, Elk and Yak are lean meats with high protein content.

Bison – A very popular meat now as it has been prized for its low calorie, fat, saturated fat, and high protein levels, bison is a lean and healthy meat. Area of origin is usually Montana. 

Venison – The “Hunter’s” meat…lean and delicious as it provides less than 1% of fat in the entire animal. Venison is a very lean animal but it doesn’t mean the cuts of meat aren’t tender. Just like a steer, the tenderloin from the deer will be as tender as a tenderloin from a steer…The same goes for any of the other cuts. These animals are raised on farms throughout New England and Northwestern states where the weather is perfect for them.

Elk – Another lean animal but more on the gamey side of taste. Has the same 1% of fat or less in its entirety and it makes a great stew during the cold winter months. The animals are raised on farms throughout New England and also out West: Colorado, Utah, Montana, North and South Dakota where their habitat is flushed with deep green forests.

Yak – The Yak fits into the “Ox” area of the animal kingdom. Ox are normally raised for their meat and milk. Originated from Asia, we have domesticated them in the U.S. Raised in the mid-west and Northern area of the U.S….sometimes imported from Europe and Asia. The meat is more gamey in flavor and texture.

Wild Boar – Basically a wild pig, the wild boar is a Native to Europe and the Northern/Southern regions of Asia, the boar was introduced to Southern U.S. in the 1970’s to fend off certain animals. Eating raw or undercooked pork/boar can be harmful.

Rabbit (American) – Rabbits are a popular dish in several parts of the world. Their meat is tender, moist, and best if cooked in a slow cooking method such as Dutch oven or crock pot.

Frog Legs – An excellent cuisine delicacy from around the world, they are a delicate yet flavorful meat. Spicy marinades/rubs, will draw out some of the “Fishy” flavor that some do taste. We carry bull frog or leopard frogs. (Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi)

Alligator – Deep fried or chopped up and put into a jambalaya, a great southern meal for the spicy eater. Our Alligator is fresh water and has a similar taste to freshwater trout. Areas of origin can be: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Duck – A dark meat bird, even though we consider it a “Poultry” item it’s actually a red meat, given that duck has no white meat in it. This means a duck breast eats more like a steak, and is slightly pink in the center when properly cooked to an internal temperature of 160F. Duck can be cooked to a medium rare if requested and is safe for consumption. Mallard Duck is the most popular. Available: Duck breast, legs, or whole duck) Area of Origin is Northwest and Northeast U.S.

Goose – A dark meat bird and can get greasy if cooked in the oven…but it tastes phenomenal!! Perfect for a Christmas Dinner or Easter Dinner.

USDA recommends cooking all meats to a medium to medium well to avoid food borne illness.

Grilled frog legs