Butcher - Local

Our Commitment To Local Farmers

We all know local food is better for you. It’s fresher, flavor is just right. But when it comes to meats, local is so much more than just flavor and freshness. It’s about knowing first hand the farmers practices, seeing the process from start to finish, getting the meat fresh.

At Avon Prime Meats, we work with local farms that take pride in taking care of the enviroment, breeding their animals with humane standards and free of growth hormones. They work closely with their veterinarians to provide the best care for their animals. They grow in pastures and are vegetarian (grain and grass) fed.

Below are some of the local CT farms we do regular business with:

Sepe Farm, located in Sandy Hook, CT. They provide us with local lamb raised on their family owned farm. When asked if they feed their lambs only hay in the winter: Yes, but the nutritional value of grass and hay are different, just as your vegetables have a different nutritional value depending on how they are prepared. We need to make sure the sheep get the appropriate amount of protein and other essential nutrients, and we choose to do this with grain. Flavor is also something that is important to us and to our customers. A sheep’s diet makes a big difference in how the meat tastes. Meat from animals that were only grass-fed can tend to taste “gamey,” and that’s the biggest reason people give for not liking lamb! But our lamb is flavorful and tender.

The Farm New Marlborough, located in New Marlborough, MA. They are a small, family owned farm focused on improving the land and lowering their carbon footprint. We carry their chickens who are fed grass supplemented with locally sourced grains.

Stop by our store and ask about our local meats. If we don’t have what you’re looking for that day, we are happy to specially order it for you!