Welcome to Avon Prime Meats! Our store offers excellent meats, fresh produce, local grocery and gourmet prepared foods, to make your family meals easy and enjoyable. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is glad to offer advice on cooking or entertaining. We also have a great Deli section, our sandwiches are out of this world! Dazzle your guests and enjoy your party with our Catering services. #AvonPrimeMeats

COVID-19 Update

Thank you for following these guidelines.

Maximum number of 8 guests allowed in the store at any time.
Only 1 person per family can enter the store to shop.
Please follow the ONE WAY arrows on the floor.
Please wear a face covering.
Respect distance markers. Allow 6 feet between you and others.
Do not bring reusable bags into the store.


We take pride in offering the highest quality available. We sell Prime and Premium Choice graded beef, as well as Grass Fed and Certified Humane beef cuts. We also carry local meats.


Our Catering team, led by Executive Chef Matt Tofil, takes care of every detail of the food, so you can enjoy your company.


We offer unique products from local vendors as well as from around the world. We listen to our guests needs and bring products in to suit your family’s needs.


We offer Deli Meats and Cheeses from Boar’s Head and Metro Deli. Our sandwiches are delicious and very satisfying! Join our sandwich program!

Hot & Ready

Let us cook for you!  We can grill for you, just call ahead! 

Our Prime Rib Friday, Taco Tuesday and other programs, are temporarily on hold due to COVID.

Heat & Serve

Prepared from scratch in our Catering kitchen by our skilled chefs, these meals, appetizers, salads and sides are perfect to please every palate. Featuring flavors from around the world and also offering some vegetarian and keto friendly options.

Weekly Specials

Tuesday: Marinated Chicken
Wednesday: Boar’s Head Deli


Celebrate Labor Day with your family, grilling and enjoying summer favorites! 


We know how important it is to cook meats properly. We offer recipes for many of our meats. The key is to have a meat thermometer when cooking!

Loyalty Program

Provide your phone number in-store at checkout, or fill out our online form to join our Loyalty Program! Get rewards, special offers and coupons.

We only serve Premium Choice & Prime Grade

Upcoming Events

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3 Ways We Cater

We bring everything to you and cook, serve, clean up.

We bring it right to your doorstep, cooked and ready to eat.

Order in advance, then stop by our store to pickup your trays.