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Avon Prime Meats' catering - Maryland Style Crab Cakes

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chicken piccata

Ready to go Gourmet Meals

Appetizers, sides & meals prepared daily by our team of Chefs
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From butchers to nutritionists, we are a fully loaded team ready to meet your needs
Prime Cuts


Our butchers are extremely skilled. From breaking down whole animals to custom cutting a roast for you, their cutting skills are top notch. They are masters at sausage making, mixing grinds and blending flavors. Their craft involves artistry, in the creation of special dishes and their presentation. Like our stuffed pork loin, beef pinwheels, stuffed chicken and specialty patties.


At Avon Prime Meats we offer the freshest, highest quality beef. We carry USDA Prime and Premium Choice cuts. These grades provide the highest levels of marbling, which translate in outstanding natural flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Whether you are looking for steaks or roasts, we have the perfect cut for any occasion.


We offer American as well as Australian cuts of lamb. We also proudly support local farms, like Sepe Farm, and carry local lamb. Pasture raised naturally and with non-GMO feed, it has amazing flavor. Some favorites are the rack of lamb, loin chops, and seasonally the lamb shanks.


Once you taste our bone-in pork chops, you won’t want any other! We have the best cuts for making your favorite pork dishes. We meticulously select the best brands and breeds of pork, offering a blend of Berkshire, Duroc, and others. Avon Prime Meats also supports local and regional farms to bring you the freshest local pork. Our butchers fine tune their craft constantly to bring you all your favorite cuts.


Our chicken is raised in farms through the Northeast. Our different marinades make every day dinner a fun adventure. We have a wide array of poultry options, fresh and frozen:

  • Turkey & Heritage turkey (on holidays)
  • Cornish Hen
  • Capon
  • Pheasant
  • Goose
  • Duck

Don’t miss our Tuesday Chicken specials!


Prepared Meals

Let each family member pick their dinner tonight! Our chefs prepare wholesome foods from scratch for your family

buffalo chicken meatballs
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Made by our chefs, these buffalo chicken meatballs pack the perfect balance of unique flavor and spicy kick. Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressings.
grilled steak tips
Simply Grilled Steak Tips
Find our signature steak tips grilled and available for purchase in our retail case. Prepared as a meal and available cold, or prepared alone and available hot.
chipotle tortelini
Chipotle Tortellini
Made by our own chefs weekly, this Chipotle Tortellini packs a load of flavor. Perfect for a quick meal or to cool down on a summer day.
four cheese macaroni & cheese made by APM professional chefs.
Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese
Made by our chefs, this Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese is made with a mix of American, Cheddar, Asiago and Fontina cheeses. Just heat and eat!

Catering service

Call one of our event planners at:


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crab cakes made by apm professional chefs.
Easy Meals


Our traditionally trained Butchers are not only highly skilled, giving you the best cuts for your money, but also know their stuff when it comes to recommending the right choice for you and your family.


Quotes and reviews from a handful of our guests over the last couple of years

"I shop at Avon Prime Meats because of the quality of their meats, but I also enjoy their farm fresh milk and eggs. The store has a nice selection of desserts. The staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend giving it a try."
Gina Palmieri
April 2024
"Avon Prime Meats is certainly of superior quality. I love their steak tips. I stopped in yesterday and bought the Signature steak tips as well as the Japanese BBQ steak tips and some corn. We went to a friend's and grilled kabobs and the corn. He was amazed by the quality of the steak and corn! You guys are the best! I highly recommend!"
Em Misk
July 2023
"Matt is the best! He has catered many events for [me], the food is always awesome and he is super fun and easy to work with."
Michelle Niedermeyer
on Head Chef Matt Tofil
June 2022
"Great meats for cooking yourself. Wonderful sandwiches. And now great smoked meats. And watch for the Friday specials, especially the prime rib."
Mark Homan
April 2022
"Was doing research last night on exotic meats and this place came up. I ended up getting alligator and ox tails, but will be back to try other things. Being a new customer, I got a sample of prime beef. The staff and management are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. It was well worth the trip out and I will be returning."
Kate Gargaz
April 2021
"Easy to order over the phone (or order online). Order ready within the hour. Easy curbside pickup. Thanks!"
Jenn Ford
April 2020
"Avon Prime Meats has always been my go-to place; however, as we have gone through this difficult time, I have used them even more. They have quality food and the service is amazing. The staff goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thank you for all you do for our community and the service you provide!”
Jennifer Junger
April 2020
"Wow best steak tips I ever had! They have a wonderful selection of meats, poultry and seafood. I love how they label foods for various diets as I am GF... They also have a deli for sandwiches; you can find various snacks and foods as well."
Crystal Hall
December 2022
"The best place to buy meat. If you are after quality, look no further."
Chris Albert
April 2023
"This place is outstanding! I travel 45min+ from Massachusetts every week or two to stock up on meats & prepared foods. This place crushed Big Y meats and any other butchers in a 100 mile radius. The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Keep up the great work guys. I’m happy I came across this store!"
David Cove
June 2020
Warm Hospitality

About us

At Avon Prime Meats you will always feel welcome by our caring team. We thrive to get to know your family and your preferences. Our knowledgeable team is always glad to offer advice on how to cook for your family or how to put together the best party. Our commitment to our community shows in our support of local teams, schools and charities. We are a small family business that supports many other small businesses and local farms.
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