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Our butchers are extremely skilled. From breaking down whole animals to custom cutting a roast for you, their cutting skills are top notch. They are masters at sausage making, mixing grinds and blending flavors. Their craft involves artistry, in the creation of special dishes and their presentation. Like our stuffed pork loin, beef pinwheels, stuffed chicken and specialty patties.

veal cutlets
Veal Cutlets

Cut from the rear legs, these thin veal cutlets are flavorful and best if breaded and fried quickly in a cast iron pan.

Veal Loin Chop
Veal Loin Chop

A small version of the T-bone/Porterhouse. Best if grilled on medium heat.

veal rib chop
Veal Rib Chop

Tender, light and velvety, the veal rib chop is the ribeye of the Calf. It is perfect for the grill or the stovetop.

veal shank
Veal Shank

This cut contains both the tender light pink meat around the bone and the rich bone marrow inside the bone. Typically used for Veal Osso Bucco, great roasted or braised.