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Say hello to the freshest veal in the Farmington Valley. Our selection includes veal rib chops, cutlets, and shanks to cover a wide variety of meals. Whether you're making Osso Buco or Veal Parmesan, you've come to the right place.

veal cutlets
Veal Cutlets

Cut from the rear legs, these thin veal cutlets are flavorful and best if breaded and fried quickly in a cast iron pan. Sold frozen.

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veal rib chop
Veal Rib Chops

Tender, light and velvety, veal rib chops are the ribeye of the Calf. It is perfect for the grill or the stovetop.

veal shank
Veal Shank

This cut contains both the tender light pink meat around the bone and the rich bone marrow inside. Best roasted or braised.