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Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping our local community thrive.

As a local, family-owned business, we love to support a variety of local charities. From donating to fundraisers, giving food to our local FoodShare, providing free lunches for volunteers and more.

At Avon Prime Meats even the puppies get our support. We are proud to partner with local rescue organization, Dog Star Rescue, every February for our very own Dog Days of Winter fundraiser.

In addition to donating to local charities, you can often find our food truck at the local youth athletics game, outside of local breweries and wineries or catering charity luncheons. We love supporting all of our local PTOs and having the local boy and girl scouts fundraising outside our front door. When you shop at Avon Prime Meats, you are not only supporting a local business, you are also supporting the local community.

We have a strong commitment to other small businesses and local farms because they are at the core of the local economy. Featured on our back wall are just some of the local, family-owned businesses we work with, but the list keeps growing every year. To name a few: Cardia cookies, Hartford Baking Company, Rachel’s Cookies, Noujaims Bistro and so many others.

Supporting local farms is an integral part of our business. The family owned and operated farms we collaborate with raise their animals in pasture, under humane care and natural conditions to promote sustainable farming. We offer dairy products from Smyth Trinity Farm, Tulmeadow Farm and Hastings Farm. We source our local livestock and poultry from Sepe Farm (lamb), The Farm at New Marlborough (chicken and pork), Cloonybreen Farm (pork) and others. Additionally, we bring in seasonal produce from Gresczyk Farm and Brown’s Harvest and others.

From our family, our town and our community,