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Catering Service

We have built our catering business on trust by listening carefully to the needs and feedback of our customers.

Our goal is to let you enjoy your party. We aim to always exceed your expectations as far as taste, presentation and service.

Avon Prime Meats has an outstanding team of professional chefs that make every dish from scratch. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to give you a truly elevated dining experience in the comfort of your own home or office.

Avon Prime Meats' Executive Chef Miller

Meet the Chef

Meet Chef Miller Parchen! Born in Ohio and raised in Connecticut, Miller has had a passion to cook for as long as he can remember. Starting his tenure at Avon Prime Meats as Sous Chef, he quickly established himself as a vital piece of our catering team. Now, Miller leads the catering team as Executive Chef. His masterfully crafted flavors and presentation continue to transform guests’ celebrations, office parties, and weekday dinners. 

Outside of the catering kitchen, Miller serves as manager over our entire deli. He has initiated and pioneered our in-house Smoked Meats & Deli Meats programs. These new lines of products revolutionized our store, branching us into niche sections of the Farmington Valley’s food offerings. 

We love seeing Chef Miller’s passion spread throughout every part of our store, and you will too!

Meet our Event Planners

Avon Prime Meats’ owner & general manager, Rocio, and assistant general manager, Samantha, take the lead of planning all catering events. 

Their knowledge of proper quantities per person, best food pairings, and product ingredients, help guests perfectly plan and execute their catering orders. 

Rocio - the Owner and General Manager of Avon Prime Meats
Samantha - Assistant General Manager of Avon Prime Meats

Let Us Cater Your Event

Three Ways To Cater

1. On-Site

We bring everything to you and cook, serve, clean up.

2. Delivery

We bring it right to your doorstep, cooked and ready to eat.

3. Pickup

Order in advance, then stop by our store to pickup your trays.

Call one of our event planners at:

Or fill the following form:

A catering team member will get back to you regarding your event. This is an inquiry form, not a confirmation of event.