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Our butchers are extremely skilled. From breaking down whole animals to custom cutting a roast for you, their cutting skills are top notch. They are masters at sausage making, mixing grinds and blending flavors. Their craft involves artistry, in the creation of special dishes and their presentation. Like our stuffed pork loin, beef pinwheels, stuffed chicken and specialty patties.


A delicate, mild tasting fish that is moist yet flaky. Available when in season.

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We carry Faroe Island Salmon, from the Iceland waters, the quality and taste are the highest on the market. Also available coated in Cedar Plank seasoning rub.

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Salmon Sliders

These sliders are made with fresh Faroe Island salmon, red bell peppers, bread crumbs and cilantro lime dressing!

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Available when in season. Sold as freshly made Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewers.

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shrimp skewers
Shrimp Skewers

Our shrimp skewers are made fresh multiple times per week, always marinated in our Cilantro Lime marinade and made with 16/20 sized shrimp.

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Ordered fresh 1-2 times per week. Swordfish is known as the “steak of the sea,” and is loaded with selenium, known for cancer-fighting benefits.

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Always fresh. We offer sushi grade tuna when available.

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