Swordfish. Known as the steak of the sea and loaded with tons of health benefits.


Swordfish is known as the “steak of the sea”. This species of fish has been clocked at over 50 mph in the waters. Try to picture that! The magnificence of this fish doesn’t stop there though. On average, these fast fish measure about 10 feet long, but some have been found closer to 15 feet, weighing over 1,400 pounds. A creature of that size swimming over 50 mph is truly mind-blowing!

Swordfish has a very enjoyable taste and texture. It often satisfies those who don’t usually enjoy fish. The creamy to pinkish color of the meat comes from the swordfish’s diet. It has been recorded that this species enjoys a diet high in shrimp and other crustaceans. The pigment carotenoids (these are what give animals and plants their color) from all that shellfish are absorbed and tint the meat slightly pink. For comparison, Flamingos have a similar diet, which is why their feathers hold such a bright pink color. In general, this fish is meaty, flavorful, and easy to cook. We recommend to either grill or pan-sear swordfish steaks. Prepare yours just like the pros by following along with our very own recipe linked here.

Health Benefits of Swordfish

This fish is loaded with selenium, known for heart-healthy and cancer-fighting benefits. It also happens to be low in fat, calories, and is entirely cholesterol free. Furthermore, swordfish is loaded with protein, vitamin B12, and Omega-3’s. Due to these extensive health benefits, swordfish is one of the best fish for those on restricted diets such as Keto or Paleo.