Faroe Island Salmon

We carry strictly Faroe Island Salmon year-round. This salmon is entirely antibiotic and hormone free. The Faroe Islands are located off the coast of Norway, in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are one of the most popular regions for high-quality salmon. But why is that?

Faroe Islands – Superior Salmon

The Atlantic Ocean surrounding the Faroe Islands is one of the most dynamic bodies of water on earth. There, the warm waters of the Gulf meet the crisp waters of the Arctic. The water temperature hovers at 46°F, which keeps the fish far from extreme fluctuations in temperatures. The combination of temperature and cleanliness manifests some of the most pristine marine environments in existence. Faroe Island Salmon are raised in a mixture of farming and natural habitat in the North Atlantic. Multiple “aquaculture pens” in the open ocean are netted off for the fish to live in. Due to their structural design, there is a never-stopping renewal of water and nutrients. The salmon can swim and eat in their natural habitat while also staying within specific parameters. Overall, the blend of perfect temperatures and clean waters helps the fish grow steadily and smoothly, creating the highest quality texture and flavor.

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How to Prepare Salmon

In general, cooking any fish comes down to personal preference. Pan-searing, grilling, or roasting in the oven are all acceptable methods. If grilling or pan-searing, you will want your fish cooking skin-side down. A helpful trick to prevent the skin from sticking to the pan or grill is to lay your fish over a bed of lemon slices. Not only do the lemons prevent sticking, but they also add bright citrusy flavor. When grilling, we also recommend laying down a sheet of aluminum foil to prevent anything from slipping between the grates. Regardless of cooking method, all seafood MUST have a minimum internal temperature of 145°F before eating. Find our Faroe Island Salmon available plain and coated in Cedar Plank seasoning rub!