Scallops are a popular favorite amongst seafood lovers. Despite being on the smaller side, these delectable bites are packed with fresh seafood flavor. To some, they are preferred served as an appetizer, popularly enjoyed wrapped in crispy bacon. To others, scallops are best in the main course. Common dishes are pan-seared scallops with pasta, served in a light or creamy white/oil based sauce. They also pair wonderfully alongside any steaks for a classic summertime surf & turf meal.

You can find scallops available in our seafood case when in season. Fresh loose scallops as well as freshly made Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewers are available.

Scallop Fun Facts

  • Here in the USA, they are mainly found alongside the eastern seaboard. Ranging from northern states such as Rhode Island and Massachusetts all the way down to Virginia.
  • They are part of the mollusk family of sea creatures. In large, they are included in the “shellfish” category
  • In total, there are over 400 species across the entire globe.
  • They are one of the cleanest shellfish available on the market.
  • Unlike most shellfish, they are considered “free-moving”. They swim and propel themselves forward by quickly opening and closing their shells.
  • These shellfish have roughly 50 eyes located along the outside edge of their shell. However, they are only used to detect light and movement.