House-made Salmon Sliders. Made with Faroe Island salmon, bell pepper, breadcrumbs and cilantro lime dressing.

Salmon Sliders

One of our proudest creations: house-made Salmon Sliders. We can’t give away our whole secret recipe, but we’ll share the basics. Our butchers take fresh Faroe Island Salmon and mix it in with diced red bell peppers, bread crumbs and cilantro lime dressing. A unbeatable combination of crunchy vegetables, citrusy dressing, and fresh seafood! To ensure maximum freshness, we make fresh batches multiple times throughout the week.

Cooking Recommendations

Don’t let these scrumptious Salmon Sliders intimidate you. Cooking them is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The best method to prepare these sliders is on the stovetop. Take any pan (we always recommend a cast iron) and place it on medium-high heat. You don’t want to burn the outside, but you also want to ensure the pan is hot enough to form a good crust. To the heated pan, add oil or butter and place the sliders in. To help the slider cook quicker and evenly, cover the pan with a lid. The precise timing of cooking our Salmon Sliders can be tricky, so your best bet is using a meat thermometer. When the most inner point of the slider reads a minimum of 145°F, they are safe to eat! Do NOT eat any seafood that is below 145°F unless specifically informed the seafood is safe to do so. Track the temperature of any meat or seafood with one of our meat thermometers – multiple varieties to choose from!