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In-House Craft Smoked Meats

Our Chefs are officially smoking our own meats! All week long they traditionally smoke brisket, pastrami, pork ribs and pulled pork at our kitchen. Using nothing but the best wood, seasonings and sauces, they are producing smoked meats that are unlike anything you have tried before. Each meat can take up to between 6 – 24 hours to finish the smoking process, and our chefs are there to ensure each product comes out exactly as you expect it to. 

Our new smoked meats are available daily in our deli cut-to-order, in our deli sandwiches, as well as served hot throughout the week. You can view our Hot & Ready Smoked Meats schedule below.

Avon Prime Meats freshly smoked brisket - made by our chefs

Hot & Ready Smoked Meats

A few days a week, we serve Hot & Ready Smoked Meats from 4:30 pm – 7 pm on weekdays and 12 pm – 3 pm on Sundays. When you enter the store, walk straight to the back and follow the delicious smokey smell! 
All meats are smoked by our chefs daily and sliced-to-order, so feel free to ask for however little or much you want. 
Pay a visit to our Prepared Fridge and Deli after to get sides that will complete the BBQ meal!

Hot & Ready Smoked Meat Schedule (subject to change)

Sunday: Smoked Brisket
Tuesday: Smoked Ribs
Wednesday: Smoked Pastrami

(While we are serving these meals until 7 pm, there is always a limited amount available, therefore some nights product may NOT be available all the way through closing time. Schedule is subject to change.)