Smoked Bacon using Duroc Pork Belly. Made by Chef Miller and Avon Prime Meats.

Smoked Bacon

We do our best to make as many products in-house at Avon Prime Meats. One of our proudest products, created by Chef Miller, is our in-house Smoked Duroc Bacon. All week long at our kitchen, Chef Miller smokes Duroc pork belly to create our masterful Smoked Jalapeño and Classic Bacon. After seasoning and smoking, the cooked pork belly is brought to our store where we hand-slice it at a perfect thickness.

Due to its high fat content, pork belly is the go-to cut of pork to use for making bacon. Our chefs have decided to take it to the next level by using Duroc pork belly.

What is Duroc Pork? In short, Duroc is a breed of cross-bred American pork. The specific combination of breeds created a remarkably flavorful, tender, and juicy meat. The dense and well-balanced fat marbling makes for a divine experience in any Duroc cut. As a result of the rich marbling and flavor, Duroc pork makes for the ultimate pork belly in our opinion. Overall, it retains a wonderful amount of tenderness and juiciness, creating the best bacon any breakfast table has ever welcomed.

You can find our classic and slightly spicy Smoked Jalapeño Bacon available daily. Trust us, locally homemade products taste better. If you don’t believe us, then it’s time to find out for yourself!