A bone-in ribeye, aka the cowboy steak. available in prime and premium choice

Bone-In Ribeye (the Cowboy Steak)

Also known as the Cowboy Steak, bone-in ribeye are thicker cut with enough meat for 2-3 people. Being the ribeye cut, these steaks are full of rich, flavorful marbling. The added flavor and tenderness make each bite melt in your mouth. Most often, due to their bone, these ribeye are cut around 2-2.5″ thick. The best method for cooking bone-in ribeye is by using indirect heat. You can cook on indirect heat in the oven, smoker, or on an unlit side of a grill. This slower cook permits the internal temperature of the steak to rise to a minimum of 125°F without burning the outside. With a steak like this, the last thing you want to do is overcook it!

To get that perfect crust, either sear or reverse sear your steak. Use our fan favorite Borsari Seasonings to really add an incredible layer of texture to your steaks crust. To reverse sear properly, remove your steak from the indirect heat before it’s fully cooked. We recommend doing so when the internal temperature of your steak is about 10°F below your desired final temperature. You will want to look for 120-125°F for medium rare, or 130-135°F for closer to a medium finished product. Then, on a high heat pan or grill, sear both sides until you get the perfect crust and internal temperature. Our Bone-In Ribeye are available in Prime and Premium choice.