bone-in short ribs

Bone-In Short Ribs

Bone-In Short Ribs are a hidden gem of beef cuts that are rich in flavor and nutrients. This cut comes from the lower chest section of the cow. Being a lesser-worked region of the cow, this cut is laced with flavorful marbling. Due to their bone and thorough marbling, when cooked the right way this meat falls right off the bone. Perfect for slow cooking, braising or cooking in a crock pot for all varieties cuisines. Some of our favorite bone-in short rib recipes are hearty stews for cold days or flavor-packed birria tacos! A less popular use for this cut is “Flanken Style” short ribs. This name is given to short ribs that are cut very thinly across the bones for a piece of meat that cooks very quick. You can often find Flanken Style short ribs available at Korean BBQ restaurants.

You can get our bone-in short ribs in their typical shorter shape, in uncut individual ribs, as the full uncut plate, or cut Flanken Style. Available in Premium Choice.