boneless ribeye. prime, premium choice available

Boneless Ribeye

A classic cut, the boneless ribeye offers abundant marbling that gives rich flavor and tender texture. Every ribeye, bone-in or not, is topped by a region known as “the cap“. The ribeye cap, due to its extra marbling, is one of the most tender pieces of beef you’ll ever taste. After cooking, you can easily separate the cap from the body of the ribeye to enjoy its richness all on its own!

How To Cook

The best cooking method for this steak is on the grill or stovetop. While any pan works fine on the stove top, we suggest using a cast iron. Cast iron pans tend to create an unbeatable crust on the outside of any steak. For either method, rub with olive oil and season simply or with your go-to mix. When cooking in a pan, feel free to add a bit of butter, garlic, and herbs at the end to enhance your steak’s flavor! Remember: all beef must reach a minimum internal temperature of 125°F before serving. Our boneless ribeye are available in Prime, Premium Choice and Grass Fed.