Chicken Alfredo

Made by our Chefs, this Chicken Alfredo is prepared with blackened chicken, tortellini, and a creamy traditional Alfredo sauce. Say goodbye to long, tiresome sessions in the kitchen after work. We’ll help you skip all of the effort without missing out on any of the flavor.

The term “Alfredo sauce” is not often used in Italy. There, the term for this dish tends to be “al burro”, which translates to “with butter”. In 1914, Alfredo di Lelio, a Roman restauranteur, named this dish of butter and linguine after himself (we’d make fun of the lack of humility, but if we made a dish this good then we also would take some pride in it). The name “Alfredo” was then taken back to America by tourists and established itself as the well known dish we all know today.

You can find this dish in our Prepared Meals refrigerators located in the back of the store.