Chicken Thighs

Our Chicken Thighs are available skinless and boneless. Always all natural, with no hormones or antibiotics added.

Chicken Thighs are a great cut of chicken with much more flavor and juiciness compared to Chicken Breast. Why is this? Firstly, thighs are a fattier cut of chicken than breasts. When cooking, more fat equals more flavor and juiciness. Even if overcooked a bit, this extra fat provides great assistance in keeping your chicken juicy. In fact, some recipes will suggest to cook thighs past the minimum of 165°F, closer to about 180°F. Secondly, despite having more fat, thighs are a much more active muscle of the bird. The extra usage of the muscle gives thighs a higher concentration of fats and proteins, which creates a darker color than chicken breasts. Hence, where the name “dark meat” originated from. The dark meat of a bird mainly includes the thighs and legs, while white meat includes the breasts and wings.

In our meat case you will find Jerk and Teriyaki marinated thighs available weekly. Teriyaki is a sure crowd pleaser, packing that classic Asian flavor that many know and love. Jerk thighs, on the other hand, pack a bit of a punch. The marinade is almost a saucy paste, which helps to lock that spicy flavor into the skin, as well as deep into the meat itself. Plain thighs are also typically available by request.

All chicken and poultry products must be cooked to a MINIMUM of 165°F internal before consuming. Chicken thighs will stay delicious and juicy when cooked closer to 180-190°F internal. This final internal temperature will help create a wonderfully crispy skin with a moist and flavorful inside.