filet mignon. available in prime and premium choice. available as full tenderloins.

Filet Mignon

Cut from the tenderloin, filet mignon is known for its delicate, flavorful texture and its signature circular shape. Beef tenderloin is widely known as the most tender and sought after cut on the cow. This is due to the tenderloin’s location on the back of the cow, a muscle region minimally under stress. Filet mignon manages to be one of the most tender cuts of beef, despite not being overly well-marbled.

How To Cook & How To Order

Filet mignon is the best steak for a special evening, while a full tenderloin is popular for holiday gatherings. While filets can be grilled, the best method for cooking these beautiful steaks is in the oven, and searing or reverse searing on a pan. As it is for all beef cuts, ensure your steaks reach a minimum of 125°F internal before serving. Each filet is cut between 6oz – 8oz, the perfect serving size for any individual. Prime tenderloins tend to max out at 4 lbs, while Premium Choice can be closer to 5 lbs. We can always provide any tenderloin less than these weights. Both filets and whole tenderloins are available in Prime or Premium Choice.