leg of lamb. bone-in and boneless available. Also used to make Greek marinated lamb tips.

Leg of Lamb

This large and succulent cut of lamb comes from the hind legs of the lamb. Known for its tender, lean meat with rich lamb flavor, Leg of Lamb can be enjoyed bone-in or boneless. Most often prepared as a roast, this is a very popular star of Easter, Passover, and Christmas celebrations. Slow roasting this cut (especially on the bone) will provide unmatched flavor and jaw-dropping table presentation. You can also roast this cut to make a great variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes – such as classic Greek Lamb Gyros!

However, it isn’t merely perfect for roasting whole. Lamb leg is a wonderful cut chopped up for stew or butterflied for the grill! Do you know what it means to “butterfly” a cut of meat? If not, let’s learn! To butterfly a cut of meat means to slice it down the middle without cutting all the way through. This way, you can open up and flatten the cut in the same way a butterfly spreads its wings. Another simple image to picture is what it looks like to open a book. In essence, that’s what butterflying a cut of meat does. This butcher process is a great means to speed up any cooking process, especially grilling or pan searing. While a whole Leg of Lamb would dry out on the grill, butterflying it allows the thicker cut to be spread out flat and cooked evenly by the flames.