Pork Belly. Made into Pork Belly Braids.

Pork Belly

Pork belly’s high fat content makes for some of the richest meat on the hog. As you’d expect, this cut comes from the belly of the pig. Due to it being an underworked region of the pig, this cut naturally has a much higher fat content than others. The added fat creates a rich and moist texture with loads of flavor. In particular, likely the most popular use for pork belly is curing and slicing it as bacon. You know how a pan collects tons of grease after cooking bacon? That liquid gold is all of the delicious fat marbling rendering down while cooking in the pan.

One way our butchers take this cut to the next level is with our Pork Belly Braids. Pictured above, these braids are created by slicing the pork and braiding it together. Not only is it an elevated presentation, but after cooking it allows you to chop the braid into bite sized pieces. Perfect for adding something new to your game day eats all year long! We recommend seasoning simply with salt, pepper and a dash of brown sugar, or using our “Kickin’ Maple” seasoning.

Ultimately, whether whole Pork Belly or our Pork Belly Braids, this cut of pork is best prepared braised, roasted or smoked. The main idea is that you want to cook low & slow. Cooking on low heat for a long period of time allows the fat to break down and become tender, while also retaining all juiciness. Cooking on high heat will leave the inside undercooked and cause the outside to overcook.