Pork Loin. available as boneless pork chops, stuffed pork chops, and stuffed pork pinwheels (pictured here)

Pork Loin

Cut from the loin area, located in between the shoulders and back legs. This cut is the leanest, yet most tender part of the animal. Its long and round shape is topped off by a fairly thick fat cap, which provides added moisture and flavor after cooking. You will find our boneless pork chops, as well as boneless pork loin roasts cut from this region. Don’t confuse this larger cut for the smaller and more delicate pork tenderloin. While a whole pork loin may weigh up to 10 pounds untrimmed, a whole pork tenderloin won’t weigh more than 1.5 pounds.

How should you use this delicious cut of pork? In general, it’s great for big meals. Whether for a weekly family meal or for a special gathering, pork loins can easily serve 10 or more people. For our butchers, this cut is perfect for stuffing and making pinwheels. In the spring or summer, keep an eye out for pinwheels stuffed with spinach, blue cheese and bacon bits. Come fall and winter you’ll see apple cornbread or cranberry cornbread stuffed pinwheels in our meat case. Start off by forming a good pan-seared crust, then finish these pinwheels off in the oven for a juicy, flavor-packed final product.

NOTE FOR COOKING: due to its leanness, pork loin can be overcooked more easily than fattier cuts, which will result in a dry final product. Be careful not to cook on overly high heat or for too long. Using a meat thermometer and timer can help prevent overcooking.

To shop Pork Loin on our online store, the product you will want is Boneless Pork Chops. Simply request how many pounds you are looking for, and feel free to leave a comment to clarify if you’re looking for a loin roast or individual chops.