Pork Tenderloin. The leanest and most tender cut of pork. Always trimmed in advance by our butchers.

Pork Tenderloin

No debate here – this is the softest and leanest cut of pork. It is cut from within the region of the Pork Loin – located between the shoulder and rear legs – showing why both loin and tenderloin are some of the leanest on the hog (but be careful not to confuse the two cuts!) Similarly to a beef tenderloin, it is consistently the most tender cut. This is due to the region of the animal not being used for movement. When a region isn’t overworked, it results in a more tender cut of meat. You can find this cut weighing up to 1.5 pounds on the bigger side, but most often weighing closer to 1 pound.

Pork tenderloin is great for roasting whole in the oven, or cutting into medallions and frying in small portions. Either way, the leanness of this cut make it a wonderful choice to help drop pounds or maintain your figure. Diets don’t need to be a hassle! Reap all the benefits of lean meat without sacrificing flavor and tenderness. Beyond its health benefits, Pork Tenderloin is incredibly versatile. Enjoy this succulent cut of pork over a salad, served alongside grains and greens, or marinated in your favorite flavors.

Did we mention this cut is always at an affordable price point?! This is one cut of meat that can be enjoyed by anybody without emptying their pockets. Even with the unmatched combo of leanness, flavor, versatility and affordability, Pork Tenderloin tends to be a lesser known and under-appreciated cut of pork. We say it’s time to change that!