Quinoa Salad

Made by a local gourmet caterer, Noujaim’s Bistro, this quinoa is simply refreshing. Mixed with corn, peppers and herbs, you can find it in our deli.

Quinoa plants are native to South America and only recently became a popular food in the USA. Don’t be fooled, even though it may seem like a grain, it is actually a dried seed. It tastes similar to brown rice, and when cooking it can absorb a bunch of flavor. What makes this dish even more popular is the fact it’s gluten free! The nutrition facts are undeniably healthy as well.

If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by our deli to pick up this salad today!

A quote from George Noujaim, owner of Noujaim’s Bistro:

“Set in the heart of Winsted, CT is the home of Noujaim’s Bistro. 

Inside the main dining room you will find local artist’s creations, treasures from Lebanon, and mouth watering dishes your taste buds will be upset you didn’t know about earlier. 

When you dine with us you will find that every nibble is packed with flavor, passion, love, and a story. 

Noujaim’s is the story about my dream turned reality to share my Lebanese heritage and love of cooking with the rest of the world one bite at a time.”