Rack of lamb. Always frenched for prime presentation.

Rack of Lamb

Coming from the rib region of the lamb, this cut is split into 2 separate 8 rib racks. Most often, it is best when roasted whole or grilled as individual rib chops. When choosing to roast whole, you can always ask for less than 8 ribs depending on how many people you’re serving. For most, we recommend 2 ribs per person. Furthermore, we always want the presentation of our meats to be of a prime standard at our store. That’s why we “french” all of our lamb racks to provide a clean and pristine presentation. Rack of Lamb is a popular choice for Easter, Passover, and Christmas celebrations.

However, if you’re looking to grill Rack of Lamb, then go for individual lamb rib chops. If you didn’t know, a popular alternative name for the individual chops is “lamb lollipops”. They get this nickname from their shape after being cut. They have a long “frenched” bone, topped off by the circular portion of meat at the top. When cut into individual rib chops, the meat can be cooked hot and fast – as you would on a grill. If you don’t see any lamb lollipops in our meat case, we are always happy to cut as many as you need. Lastly, be cautious not to confuse lamb rib chops with lamb loin chops. Despite both using the term “chops” and being great for grilling, they come from two separate locations on the lamb.