Spoon Roast. Available in premium choice only. Great meal for cold nights or holidays.

Sirloin “Spoon” Roast

Cut from the top sirloin, a spoon roast is very flavorful, tender and juicy despite its low fat content. This roast is round and always trimmed & tied to perfection by our skilled team of butchers. Great for roasting on a cold night or for serving at gatherings and holidays. It’s one of our top choices of beef to use for making homemade Roast Beef. Use Borsari Seasonings to develop a great crust on this roast that will pair perfectly with its tender texture! Best sliced thin after cooking.

Here’s A Fun Fact!

This top sirloin cut got it’s unique name because when cooked properly, it is so tender and fall-apart that you can eat it with a spoon!