Standing Rib Roast. Available in prime and premium choice. Ask for bones removed and tied for optimal slicing and serving.

Standing Rib Roast

A Standing Rib Roast is a loin of 2-7 bone-in ribeye. Same as the ribeye cut, this roast is laced with rich, dense marbling that melts in your mouth. The outer portion of this cut is called the “ribeye cap.” The ribeye cap is an extra tender and sought after portion of the ribeye. Every bite of this famous roast will pack a blast of flavor to keep you going back for more. Popularly served at holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Request for bones removed and tied back on to allow for easier carving. Prime or Premium Choice available.

How To Cook

Why is this cut called the Standing Rib Roast? It gets its name due to the fact that when cooking, you want to stand it on the bone side so all the meat is facing upward. In essence, it’s standing! With such an incredible roast, make sure you cook it just like the pros. First, allow your roast to come to room temperature. Rub in olive oil and your favorite seasoning – we suggest Borsari Seasoning. Next, place roast in a 500°F preheated oven for no more than 20 minutes. (NOTE: keep an eye on your roast during this stage to ensure it does not burn.) Then, remove roast from oven and let rest covered while your oven drops to 300°F. Finish your roast in the 300°F oven until it reaches your desired internal temperature. Look for 120-125°F for medium rare, and 130-135°F for closer to medium. Once complete, remove from oven and let rest for 15 minutes before slicing. This allows juices to redistribute and brings final internal temp up another 5-10°F. Take a look at our Standing Rib Roast recipe and cooking video linked here!