tomahawk steak. available in prime. in stock for holidays and special occasions.

Tomahawk Steaks

A real man’s steak! Or maybe more like a caveman’s steak! Either way, this is as awesome as a steak can get. This cut is your basic ribeye steak, but with nearly the entire rib bone still attached to it. Being the same cut as a ribeye, this steak is loaded with rich, dense marbling. This provides an amazingly tender, moist and flavorful final product. You’ll find a tomahawk steak cut no thinner than 2.5″ due to the large bone running through it. When in stock, available in Prime.

How To Cook

The best method for cooking a tomahawk steak is by using indirect heat. You can cook on indirect heat in the oven, smoker, or on an unlit side of a grill. This slower cook permits the internal temperature of the steak to rise to a minimum of 125°F without burning the outside. To get a perfect crust, either sear or reverse sear your steak. To reverse sear properly, remove your steak from the indirect heat before it’s fully cooked. We recommend doing so when the internal temperature of your steak is about 10°F below your desired final temperature. Then, on a high heat grill, sear both sides until you get the perfect crust and internal temperature.