Bell & Evans Whole Chickens. Raised without antibiotics. 100% air chilled.

Whole Chickens

Our whole chickens are always from Bell & Evans. These birds are all natural, free range, with no hormones or antibiotics, 100% air chilled. In the extensive industry of chicken brands, Bell & Evans truly sits well above the rest. This quote from their website describes their mission and values perfectly:

With a single bite, you’ll understand why we call it “The Excellent Chicken.”  From humane animal welfare to our 100% Air Chilled method, everything we do adds up to healthier, more flavorful food. No antibiotics. No added water. No junk.

It’s quite difficult to locate a poultry brand that you can trust word-for-word. In today’s food industry, especially the farming industry, too many farms focus on quantity and not on quality. Bell & Evans doesn’t merely seek a final product of superior quality, but they seek to give their animals the highest quality life possible. Humane animal welfare is their top priority from birth to butcher.

Have you ever considered the countless possibilities of cooking whole chickens? For families, roasting a whole chicken is a simple meal that can feed the whole clan. Use it in soups, tacos, salads, or serve with your go-to grains and vegetables. For couples or those living alone, whole chickens can serve as meal prep for the whole week. Roast your bird to start the week, portion it out, and use in any meals all week long!

Don’t bother picking between the hundreds of whole chicken recipes online. Follow along with Chef Miller and our step-by-step cooking video & instructions linked here. You’ll know how to cook yours like the pros in no time!