signature steak tip kabob

Steak Tips

Avon Prime Meats is known for our famous marinated Steak Tips. We use flap meat for our tips. This cut comes from bottom sirloin, a region under the cow further back towards the round. The marbling makes this cut very tender and flavorful on its own. We take their flavor and tenderness up a notch by soaking them in our mouth-watering marinades. Marinades include: Signature (Gluten Free), Maple Bourbon (Gluten Free), Firecracker (spicy), Sweet Thai Chili, Japanese BBQ, Garlic Sake, Carne Asada, and other rotating varieties. Plain tips are always available by request. Find our Steak Tip Kabobs available from late spring – early fall. Made with bell peppers, red onion, and our Signature tips (and other marinades per request).

How To Cook

Our steak tips are completely ready to cook. We recommend using a high heat grill or cast iron skillet on the stovetop. All they take is about 4-5 minutes per side for a proper medium rare. (Look for 125°F minimum internal temperature before removing any beef products from the heat source). Broiling in the oven is an alternative method if grilling and pan searing are unavailable to you. Any of our marinades are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, but our Signature Steak Tips are our best selling item in the store. Popularly enjoyed at cookouts, vacations, or simply for weekday meals! You can also find these tips pre-vacuum sealed in a variety of weights for optimal freezing or taking on your travels.