Labor Day BBQ Checklist

Have you spent hours at the grocery store prepping for a party, just to get home and realize you forgot something? Yeah, us too, so we’re here to help. Say goodbye to that awful feeling of forgetfulness and say hello to APM’s “Labor Day BBQ Checklist.”

Cooking Method

An important place to start. depending on how you’re cooking, you’ll need different things. Most typically, for Labor Day, the fan favorite is lighting up that grill. Spend time outdoors with friends and family, sharing laughs and good food.

Go-To Meats

Grilling doesn’t necessarily narrow down your meat selection, but that’s why we’re here; to show you all we have at APM. Let’s start with the classics: burgers and hot dogs.


    • Premade 85% Burgers: handmade fresh every day, these burgers are grill-ready and made with our very own in-house ground beef.

    • Bacon Cheddar Burgers: handmade with our 85% ground beef, these specialty burgers are loaded with bacon bits and cheddar cheese.

    • Butcher’s Blend: this is our fan-favorite ground beef. Made daily with a mixture of chuck, short ribs and brisket cuts, this ground beef is roughly 80/20, producing an abundance of flavor in every bite.

    • 92%: we take care of those looking to keep it lean. Our 92% ground beef is made in-house daily with sirloin beef.
We are happy to handmake burger patties for you out of any of our ground beef varieties. Give us a call at (860) 676-4444 and we’ll have them ready for pick up!

in-house ground beef. 92%, 85% and butcher's blend available.[APM in-house ground beef. 92%, 85% and butcher’s blend available]

Hot Dogs

    • Old Neighborhood Hot Dogs: Made with beef and pork, they are mildly spiced and lightly smoked. Find these bad boys in our deli where you can purchase however many you need!

    • Pearl Hot Dogs: 100% beef made with the finest spices and no fillers at all. Slightly larger than our Old Neighborhood hot dogs, but equally as delicious. Find them in our deli!

Steak Tips

    • Not quite feeling the classic burger and hot dog vibes this Labor Day? Say no more, we have the next best. Our famous marinated steak tips are always a party pleaser. We use flap sirloin to make our tips, which due to its deep marbling produces impeccably tender meat. Enjoy them in a large variety of marinades. From our house Signature, to sweet Maple Bourbon or Japanese BBQ. A quick 5 minutes per side for the perfect medium rare, aka 135°F internal!

APM Marinated Steak Tips. Easy to grill!

[APM Marinated Steak Tips. Easy to grill!]

Chicken Tips

    • For the non-red meat lovers, our marinated chicken tips are perfect for you. Made from hormone and antibiotic free chicken breast, we soak these tips in a great selection of marinades, including some different than our steak tips. These tips take closer to 8-10 minutes per side and should be removed from the grill no sooner before reaching 165°F internal.

Our Signature Steak Tips and Signature Chicken Tips are both available on kabobs. We make them fresh daily, stacked up with chopped red onion and bell peppers.

Signature Marinated Chicken Tip Kabobs. Made with fresh bell pepper and red onion.

Buns and Rolls

Stack your burgers and hot dogs on classic Pepperidge Farm or Martin’s buns and rolls. We have a selection of each to satisfy those who have preferences, such as potato over whole wheat. You can also find locally made Hartford Baking Company rolls and bread, delivered fresh every morning!


Our goal is to constantly level up your food; that’s why we carry incredible condiment options. We aren’t like your typical grocery store; we stock our shelves with a wide range of classic and unique options. If you like it simple, we have Heinz ketchup and multiple mustards. If you like mixing it up, we advise checking out our array of Terrapin Ridge Farms Aiolis.

Sides and Salads

No Labor Day BBQ is complete without the best sides and salads. Visit our deli for the freshest options made by our chefs and Noujaim’s Bistro. Our chefs’ work all week long preparing their famous potato, macaroni and tomato basil mozzarella salads. Each provide the perfect freshness to any grilled meats. We don’t stop there though. We load our prepared meals case with additional homemade sides and salads, such as our BLT Pasta Salad or Chipotle Tortellini Salad!

APM Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad. Made fresh by our chefs!

[APM Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad. Made fresh by our chefs]

Meat Thermometers

Never overcook or undercook your meats again! A meat thermometer will become your new best friend for weekday grilling and holiday roasts. Here are the multiple types we carry:

    • Simple: Escali Folding Digital Thermometer
        • Made with a stainless steel probe, provides quick response temps.

    • Deep Frying: Escali Deep Fry & Candy Thermometer
        • Comes with an adjustable target temperature marker, clip for hands free use, made with premium stainless steel and a shatterproof lens.

    • Advanced: Touch Screen Thermometer & Timer
        • Includes an oven & grill safe probe and cord, custom temperature alerts, doneness alerts for eight meats and a timer feature to count up or down.

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