Get to Know Avon Prime Meats

Whether or not you’ve shopped with us since our start in 2013, we want to give you an inside look at who we are. We aren’t Avon Prime Meats simply because of the high quality, prime meats we offer. Our staff and services also go over and above this “prime” standard.

Our meats, staff and services all live up to the "prime" definition.
Why are we known as Avon Prime Meats? Our meats, staff and services all live up to the “prime” definition!

Now, what is the definition of the word “prime?” According to the Oxford Dictionary, prime means “of the best possible quality; excellent.” While we ensure our meats live up to our store’s title and this definition, that’s not enough for us. With every new hire, we teach how to go over and above for our guests. In our deli and meat line, our staff will treat you like family every time you visit.

We greet you with a smile and ask how you’re doing; it’s clear to see we love all our guests. Sooner or later our goal is to be able to greet you by name! We will always slice your cold cuts as you desire, pick out the exact steaks that look best to you and make custom sandwiches to your liking. Our goal isn’t to get you in and out, but to serve, educate and assist you all the way through the cooking process. This isn’t a staff that you’ll find at your local grocery store, it’s more like your own personal family and kitchen.

Behind our meat counter you will find these staff members ready to help you however they can. Beyond getting you exactly what you need, our staff is prepared to educate you on our products and cooking processes. What good is it if you don’t know what you’re eating or how to best cook it? Guests can pick up a variety of cooking cards that explicitly walk them through grilling, slow-cooking and roasting processes. Our website contains more recipe cards teaching simple to unique meal ideas for guests to mix into their arsenal.

Avon Prime Meats' management team
Avon Prime Meats’ management team

On top of this, we are always prepared to tell you the best cooking methods for your meal. Sometimes it’s good to know about the meat you’re eating as well! Our team of butchers love to share their knowledge on each cut of meat we have. What town, state or country it’s sourced from or what part of the animal it’s cut from. The more you know, the more you can share with friends and family!

The prime standard of our staff doesn’t end there though. Every cashier here will greet you upon entry and wish you well upon your exit. They look forward to bagging your groceries and bringing them to your car if you require any assistance. If you want to do curbside pickup, they will hand deliver your groceries and take care of your payment so you don’t step a foot in the store.

Even our catering team is prepared to go over and above. They love to go step-by-step with you to prepare the perfect menu for your gatherings. Whether you require gluten free or vegetarian options, delivery or on-site cooking, our team is ready to get it done efficiently and promptly. Our goal isn’t to be like the average store, but to be different. We want guests to remember who we are based on the way they’re treated like family, and we guarantee you’ll feel exactly that.

As you can see, on top of our prime meats selection, we offer prime services and a prime staff at our store. Our slogan isn’t “Nothing But The Best” because we like the way it sounds, but because we strive to achieve that daily. If you haven’t stopped by our store before, it’s time for you to experience “prime” for yourself!

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