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Hamburger or Lamburger?


Hamburger- Spanglish Asadero’s Chipotle seasoning, Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, crumbled bacon, and Terrapin Ridge Farms’ Chipotle aioli

Lamburger- Artison Specialties’ Greek Salad salt, spinach, Narragansett Creamery feta cheese, and Emoi Foods’ grilled piquillo peppers

-These burgers were made and topped with the freshest ingredients from our store. The lamb is fresh from Sepe Farm in Sandy Hook, CT and ground in house. The hamburger is our butchers blend ground beef made with cuts of short rib and brisket!

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Prep time
10-15 minutes
Cook time
10-15 minutes

Follow the video linked below for instructions on how to put together these delicious burgers! Lamb can be eaten at the same temperatures as beef, so don’t worry about needing to cook those longer than your beef burgers if you choose to make both!

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