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Rainy Day Ribs


We aren’t saying that grilling and smoking season is over, but with cold weather fast approaching, it’s nice to know how to make ribs inside on a rainy, cold fall day. Here’s a quick how-to video on some beer braised baby backs in the oven finished two ways! You won’t want to make ribs any other way after you try these!

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Prep time
10-15 mins
Cook time
~4 hours
2 people per rack of ribs

1. mix dry rub with a pint of beer. We used Back East Brewing Company’s “Chech Mix” and “Cindy Lynn’s Rubs”

2. Place ribs in a foil pan meat side down, pour in mixture of beer and rub, cover with foil

3. Place in oven for 3-4 hours at 225°

4. Check internal temperature of ribs starting at 3 hour mark. When meat is pulling away from bones and your internal temp is above 190°, remove foil pan from oven.

5. Reapply more dry rub to racks at this time

6a. If finishing on the grill, place ribs over direct heat for 2 mins per side. Slather with BBQ sauce (we used Lane’s BBQ “Southbound” Sauce) and cook for another 2 mins meat side up to let the sauce tack up.

6b. If finishing in the oven, place your broiler setting to about 500°. Leave oven rack centered in oven. Place ribs under broiler meat side up for about 2 mins. Apply BBQ sauce (Lillie’s Q Smoky BBQ Sauce), and place back under broiler for about 30 seconds.

7. Eat up!

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