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Roasting a Porterhouse Steak


-1 porterhouse steak

-your go-to seasoning (we recommend Borsari)

-olive oil

Prep time
10 minutes

Check out this quick “how to” video on perfectly preparing a porterhouse steak without using your grill!

1.) Lightly coat your steak with olive oil and cover in your seasoning

2.) Pan sear your steak an ALL sides to start, give it a nice crust all around. You can also sear on a grill on high heat instead.

3.) Once seared, toss your steak in the oven and let it cook until you reach your desired internal temperature:

  • Pull at 120-125°F internal if you want final product to be medium rare
  • Pull at 130-135°F internal if you want final product to be medium
  • Pull at 135°F or higher if you want your steak closer to well done or more

*REMINDER* You will need to let your steak rest for a minimum of 5 minutes before slicing. During this time, your steak’s internal temperature will rise about 5°F, which is why we suggest pulling your steak from the oven before you reach your desired internal temperature.

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