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Our butchers are extremely skilled. From breaking down whole animals to custom cutting a roast for you, their cutting skills are top notch. They are masters at sausage making, mixing grinds and blending flavors. Their craft involves artistry, in the creation of special dishes and their presentation. Like our stuffed pork loin, beef pinwheels, stuffed chicken and specialty patties.

Hanger Steak

The Hanger or Butcher’s steak is the most tender steak you’ve never heard of. Cut from the bottom of the diaphragm this steak is rich and full of flavor.

porterhouse steak
Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse or “Lovers” steak comes from the rear of the short loin where you’ll see a filet and strip steak on either side of the distinctive T-shaped bone.

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skirt steak
Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is a rich flavorful cut from the plate known for its long thin shape and rich flavor. Great for marinating or for fajitas! Best grilled or pan seared.

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Spoon Roast

Cut from the top sirloin, a spoon roast is very flavorful despite its low fat content. Great for roasting on a cold night with our APM sides. Best sliced thin.

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ribeye roast
Standing Rib Roast

Excellent bone-in ribeye roast with up to 7 bones. Request for bones removed and tied to allow for easier carving. Prime or Premium Choice.

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signature steak tip kabob
Steak Tips

Ready to grill in different marinades, a sure crowd pleaser. Tender and flavorful. Flavors include: Signature Marinade, Maple Bourbon, Sweet Thai Chili, & Firecracker as well as rotating seasonal marinades.

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new york strip steak
Strip Steak

The strip steak is known by many different names. It’s cut from the short loin and offers intense flavor and marbling. Available in Prime or Premium Choice.

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tomahawk steak
Tomahawk Steak

A real man’s steak! This cut is your basic ribeye steak, but with nearly the entire rib bone still attached to it. You’ll find this cut no thinner than 2.5″

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Wagyu Steak

Wagyu is a revered breed of cattle from Japan is known for its elevated, rich, buttery flavor and spectacular, web-like marbling. Widely considered the finest beef in the world.