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Our team of butchers and chefs bring the best of their skills to help you serve the best meals for your family. Our highly trained butchers custom cut and trim your favorite meats. Our Chefs prepare every dish from scratch using only the freshest, in season ingredients. Our grocery selection is a collection local businesses and boutique items. Looking for something specific and don't see it here, check out our online store or give us a call. We are happy to special order your favorite products just for you!

Spanglish Asadero Seasonings
Spanglish Asadero Seasonings

Made in Downey, California, Spanglish Asadero provides a large variety of seasonings to choose from. Great used on steak, chicken wings or even surf & turf.

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spinach artichoke dip, made from scratch by our chefs. just heat and eat
Spinach Artichoke Dip

Made by our chefs, this Spinach Artichoke Dip is great for parties, gatherings and game days. Simply heat it up and you’re ready to start dipping!

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Noujaims Bistro spinach goat cheese pie. Toss in the oven for a quick snack or appetizer
Spinach Goat Cheese Pie

Made locally by Noujaim’s Bistro, a spinach goat cheese pie is a decadent snack or appetizer when warmed in the oven.

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Spoon Roast. Available in premium choice only. Great meal for cold nights or holidays.
Spoon Roast

Cut from the top sirloin, a spoon roast is very flavorful, tender and moist despite its low fat content. Great for roasting on a cold night. Best sliced thin to serve.

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Standing Rib Roast. Available in prime and premium choice. Ask for bones removed and tied for optimal slicing and serving.
Standing Rib Roast

Excellent bone-in ribeye roast, up to 7 bones per roast. Ask for bones removed & tied for easier carving. Prime or Premium Choice available.

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signature steak tip kabob
Steak Tips

Ready to grill in different marinades. Tender and flavorful. Marinades include: Signature Marinade, Maple Bourbon, Firecracker and others.

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new york strip steak. available in prime and premium choice.
Strip Steak

The strip steak is known by different names. It’s cut from the short loin and offers intense flavor and marbling. Prime or Premium Choice.

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Traditional Stuffed Clams Casino.
Stuffed Clams Casino

Stuffed Clams Casino, a popular seafood appetizer. Stuffing contains clam meat, celery, bell peppers, onion, parsley & spices.

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No bread here, just delicious taste of the thymus gland of veal! Sweetbreads are best poached, braised, or grilled.